Thursday, August 12, 2004

In hindsight, clues that Gov. McGreevey was gay

10. Constantly referred to Kerry/Edwards as a "Fabulous" ticket.

9. Introduced legislation seeking to install "glory holes" in all Turnpike rest stops.

8. Was disappointed to learn "The Sopranos" wasn't about underage chior boys.

7. State Government email address:

6. Crashed the state government computer system by refreshing Andrew Sullivan's site 10 times a minute.

5. Favorite Campaign Photo Op- The Vaseline production plant in Newark.

4. First governor to relocate Governor's Mansion to Key West

3. Favorite Saturday Night Live Cast Member: Chris Kattan. Favorite Character: Mango.

2. Advocated changing state anthem to "anything by Cher".

1. Said his favorite basketball team was the "New Jersey Fishnets".


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